Software Mirroring Service

This software mirror is provided by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on a Gigabit uplink, accessible both through IPv4 and IPv6. We are happy to mirror additional software archives upon request, subject to space constraints on our mirror server. If there's a software archive for which a local mirror would be useful to you and it isn't listed here, please let us know.

Mirror List

Using a Mirror

Arch Linux

Edit the file /etc/pacman.conf/ and add the following line in the specified sections, replacing ARCH with i686 or x86_64, according to your architecture:

Server =
Server =
Server =

Refresh the package list from the new repository:

$ pacman -Syy

Debian GNU/Linux

Edit the list of sources:

$ nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Here is a recommended /etc/apt/sources.list for Debian (stable release), using our mirror:

deb lenny main non-free contrib
deb-src lenny main non-free contrib

Refresh the packages list from the new repository:

$ apt-get update


Go to Help → Software Updates…. Under the tab Available Software you'll find the Add Site… button. Click on it and insert the following URL: .

Gentoo Linux

Edit the file /etc/make.conf and add the following lines:



Edit the file /etc/entropy/repositories.conf and add the following lines:

# Sabayon stable repository
repository||Sabayon Linux Official
# Sabayon unstable repository overlay
repository|sabayon-limbo|Sabayon Linux Limbo

You may have to comment other entries (by placing a '#' in front of them) to force equo to use RNL's mirror only.


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